Sho Niiro (b. 1982) is a photographer born and based in Yokohama, Japan. Now in Tokyo. First opportunity I met Photography was when I took Ikko Narahara’s Photo book “Human Land (1956)” casually at library, I was 19 then. After that once I began to study physics and science at Univ., but switched and concentrated Photography.

My theme is to record the landscape and a city that is or will be lost by redevelopment and any other reasons.

I believe that it is the power of the photography.
1982 Born in Yokohama, Japan
2001 Graduated Azabu high school
2002 Enter Waseda Univ. and major in applied physics
2006 Drop out Waseda Univ.
2009 Participated a Gallery Niepce (-2010)
Solo Exhibition
Route 1 (Gallery Niepce, Tokyo 2006.6)

Yokohama, my fairest home town (Garellia Q, Tokyo 2007.9)

Out Line (Garellia Q, Tokyo 2008.2)

Dystopia Nippon (Gallery Niepce, Tokyo 2009.2)

Sanya Now (Gallery Niepce, Tokyo 2009.6)

Route 1 #2 (Gallery Niepce, Tokyo 2009.8)

Dystopia Nippon #2 (Gallery Niepce, Tokyo 2010.1)

Route 1 #3 (Gallery Niepce, Tokyo2010.4)

NoSunnyDays (Gallery Niepce, Tokyo 2010.9)

Sanya (Zen Foto Gallery, Beijing 2011.1)

Another Side (Hiroshima University 2012.10)

Tokyo Foto (from LibroArte , 2012)

NoFoundPhotography(Paris, 2012)

Japan Expo (Paris, 2014)

Tsukiji Zero (Fugen-Sha, Tokyo 2015.6)

Another Side (Berg, Tokyo 2016.4)

Another Side #2 (Loft, Tokyo 2016.7)

PEELING CITY (Fugen-Sha, Tokyo 2017.9)

PEELING CITY (book obsucura, Tokyo 2018.2)

PEELING CITY (gallery176, Oosaka 2018.4)

HeriSide (Fugen-Sha, Tokyo 2019.9)
PETALOPOLIS  (Fugen-Sha, Tokyo 2021.12)
PETALOPOLIS  (ToMoRrow Gallery -JR eastTokyo,  2021.3)
PETALOPOLIS / unustinable  (Book and sons, Tokyo 2022.4)

Group Exhibition
vs. Station by Dystopia Photographers (Gallery Niepce 2009.9)

Spicilegium Amecitiae (Totem Pole Photo Gallery 2010.11)

The Histoic Future 8.4 Yokohama Sho Niiro×Tastuya Shimohira (Kanagawa, Daizouji Temple)

Tsukiji labyrinth (with Katsuyoshi Tsuchiya Fugen-Sha 2016.12)

Womania (with Ruriko Taguchi 2018)

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